Remote Patient Monitoring

McKesson partners with RemetricHealth to deliver critical clinical support and improve the quality of
patient care

RemetricHealth provides physician groups, hospitals, home health agencies, and payers with remote,
real-time biometric and compliance monitoring as well as unlimited clinical services conducted by our nursing staff to assess patients remotely between visits.

Our solutions help improve outcomes, increase patient satisfaction, and reduce the number of acute events
and hospital readmissions.



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What We Offer

We offer a variety of biometric medical devices and unlimited remote care management services inclusive of:

  • Patient Enrollment & Consent
  • Biometric Device Delivery
  • Patient Training & Setup
  • Unlimited Biometric & Compliance Monitoring
  • Reimbursement Reports
  • EHR Integration
  • Patient Mobile App
  • HIPAA Compliant Portal

Remote Patient Monitoring Reimbursement Codes

$19 one-time use (CPT Code 99453)

$63 per patient/month (CPT Code 99454)

$51 per patient/month (CPT Code 99457)

$42 per patient/month (CPT Code 99458)

Your average net potential return on investment
is $1,000 per patient per year, after the cost of the program.